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Student Organizations organized according to the principle by , of and for the students themselves to provide a role and greater flexibility to students . The body shape and the completeness of the organization designated under an agreement between the students themselves do not conflict with the rules of the applicable laws and regulations .
In the Faculty of Forestry , Gadjah Mada University Student Organizations Student Association Faculty of Forestry shaped (KM FKT). The device consists of Organization of the Student Representative Council ( DPM ) that is representative of the student and the Student Executive Institute ( LEM ) which is implementing the mandate of the Student Representative Council ( DPM ) .
At the department level there are majors Student Association ( HMJ ) as a forum for students of each department . The set of student in the Faculty of Forestry are :
- Student Family Forest Management ( KMMH )
- Silviculture Student Association ( HIMABA )
- Student Communication Forum of Forest Resources Conservation ( Forkomkon )
- Student Forum of Forest Products Technology ( Forrestech )
- Communication Forum Student D III ( Forkomadika )
In addition, there is still a Semi-Autonomous Agency ( BSO ) which includes Wrestling Organization ( Mapala Silva Gama ) , and Art Community Forestry ( CWC )
1 . Student Development Programs
      To support the study and develop student creativity , it also provided
     some of the activities include :
      a. Field of Interest and Talent
     The program aims to promote the appreciation of art and culture and 
    achievements of sports and other activities including programs that 
    can instill a love of the environment . Activities can be divided into :
     Sports Activity Unit
    Art Activity Unit
    Unit Activity Spirituality
    Special Activities Unit
    b.Bidang Students
     Student development programs preferably in extracurricular scientific 
   activities , by not leaving other curricular activities . Development of 
   students' scientific reasoning is done through the Student Scientific  
   Paper Competition ( LKIM ) , which consists of Productive Innovative
   Writing Competition ( LKIP ) and the Competition of scientific
   Tulls ( ICI ) is coordinated by the University as well as the guidance
   level of writing papers or other research offered by the parties
   executing / sponsor .

    c . Student Welfare
    In addition to required to improve and develop the power of thought , 
   students also need to be considered well-being both material and 
   psychological / spiritual . Field of spirituality in the Faculty of Forestry
   accommodated in the organization Students Islamic Family Forestry 
  (KMIK ) for the Muslims, and Student Family Christian / Catholic         
  (KNIK Bonita ) for students who are Christian / Catholic .
2 . Selection of Student Achievement
In the field of student affairs , the award is given to students who excel prominent , both academic and non- academic , student achievement through selection . In this case given two awards , namely :
a. The main outstanding students in order Hardiknas , which were 
    selected based on qualifications highest GPA in each college in the 
    field of science / art from which they graduated , the Pancasila spirit
    and take part in extra-curricular activities , so it should be a pride .
    Elected through a tiered system of levels Faculty , University and
    lastly at the National level .
b. Student achievement in order Dies UGM , which is given to students
    who excel both in the stand -curricular and non -curricular activities .
    The scholarships made ​​at the time by the Rector of UGM Anniversary
3. Scholarships and Educational Assistance Allowance SPP
a. Scholarship / Education Allowance , for students who are high
    academic achievers . In terms of their distribution of scholarships can
    be divided into two areas:
    i.  Achievement Scholarship is a scholarship that is awarded to
       students on the basis of academic achievement is the selection that
       has a minimum GPA of 3.25 , and pass the selection held faculty .
   ii. Scholarships for students who require assistance , scholarships are
      given to students who come from economically disadvantaged
      families that experience financial barriers to education , but the 
      student academically capable .