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Activity pembelasajaran the Graduate Studies Program of Forestry implemented using the following facilities:

  • Lecture rooms and discussion rooms are equipped with facilities White Boards, Overhead Projector, LCD, computer, and Air Conditioning (AC)
  • Forest laboratories (21 laboratories) with complete equipment and adequate laboratory and the field for practice and research in Gunung Kidul (Yogyakarta), Brittle (Blora, Central Java) and Muaro Tebo (Jambi)
  • Modern library with a computer system and a CD ROM catalog in a very adequate lingkunagan UGM
  •  Information technology in the form of computers and the Internet are able to access and a wide range of information very easily
  • Activity centers, such as sports, health, arts, worship and recreation campus located in the very adequate
  • Various sources of scholarships: BPPS, Department of Forestry, Government, Forestry Company, etc..