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Master of Forestry Science

Candidates with a Bachelor degree (S1) of Forestry Science with GPA higher than 2,75 (scale of 1-4) are eligible to enroll Master Program of Forestry Science. Candidate ofBachelor degree (S1) other than Forestry Science have to take 8 credit units matriculation courses to enter the Master program. master of Forestry Science degree is designed to be completed in 2 (two) years by fulfiling 30-31 credits semester courses of the600 code and 10 credit semesters of thesis writing. Thesis in Master of Forestry Science is an original piece of research in specific interest. The course is structured to expose students to 6 fields of interest, i.e. Forest Economic and Management, Intensive Silviculture, Forest Resource Conservation , Forest Products Technology, Natural Resources and Environment Conservation Management and Forest Conservation Bussiness.