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Forest is a very important natural resource that gives great benefit for life. Forest supplies wood, non wood products, wildlifes, food, bioactive chemicals. Forest serves as lungs of the world by converting CO2 into lignocellulosic materials and producing Oxygen. Forest also reserve water balance, biodiversity and ecotourism. Excessive forest exploitation and ilegal logging have brought forest degradation and reduced forest productivity. As the importance of forest continue to increase in indonesia, the complexity of forest management also increases. With forest degradation and the replacementof vast areas of natural mixed forest with plantations forest, questions about uncertainty in sustainability of production and the environmental impact (Biodiversity, soil compaction, disturbance to water balance) raises. Simple direct answers to such complex questions are neither feasible nor appropriate, and integrated approaches designed to develop multipe resource values and ecological functions are becoming more important. The issues must be anticipated in the future Forest management. The Human resource to manage such future forest condition should be prepared.

Graduate Program of Forestry Science of Faculty of Forestry was founded by Ministry of Education Decree no 580/DIKTI/Kep/1993 dated September 29, 1993. The program study is oriented towards strengthening and advancing the knowledge and skill of forestry professionals so that they can perform effectively in facing the more complex challenge in forest management. The curriculum is designed to deliver improved and advanced forestry knowledge for Master. The curriculum is developed to combine courses and thesis (for Master degree)