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Growth rate and latex yield of lime Jelutung (Dyera lowii Hook) that growing at ten peat thickness

Penulis: Lies Indrayanti, Sri Nugroho Marsoem, TA. Prayitno, Haryono Supriyo
Jurnal: Advances in Environmental Biology



Lime jelutung (Dyera lowii Hook) is one tree species in peat swamp forests with economic value. Wood and latex can be used. Leather and roots are also beneficial for medicine. One factor affecting peat soil fertility is thickness. There is a high correlation between peat thicknesses with some nutrients content. Allegedly peat thickness variation affect on growth rate and jelutung latex yield. This study aims to determine growth rate and jelutung latex yield that growing at different peat thickness. Observations were made on 100 lime jelutung trees with 10 - 35cm in diameter that grown on ten peat thickness. Observation time was 12 months. Data is analyzed by repeated observations variance with peat thickness treatment and trees diameter and correlation analysis to analyze soil properties. Research results show that lime jelutung growth rate is affected significantly by peat thickness, while tree diameter is not affect. Time does not show significant effect. Peat thickness has negative relationship with lime jelutung growth rates and there is a strong negative relationship between peat thickness with peat soil properties, namely moisture content, pH (KCl), total content of elements Ca and Fe, while Volume Weight, content of N total, P total, K total, and Cu total do not show significant variance. Variance analysis results showed that lime jelutung latex yield are not influenced by peat thickness, tree diameter and time. Observations show there is relation between growth rate and lime jelutung latex yield with rainfall. © 2014 AENSI Publisher All rights reserved.